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business management in the Arbitration Court
business management in the Arbitration Court

business management in the Arbitration Court

Price:25000.00 rub for instance
Quantity available:3
- representation in arbitration and arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, before magistrates, including filing a claim, responding to a petition to a court, submitting a dispute to an arbitration court, filing a claim, submitting a court order, presenting a counter a lawsuit, a change in the basis or subject of the lawsuit, the conclusion of a settlement agreement and agreement on actual circumstances, an appeal of judicial acts, a court order, a statement of protest, a statement on the revision of judicial acts on newly discovered evidence, the claims, the presentation of the executive document to the collection, maintenance of insolvency (bankruptcy);
- representation at meetings of creditors - debtors, shareholders, discussion and voting on all issues included in the agenda, the conclusion of a settlement agreement;
- actions related to the enforcement proceedings, including the presentation and withdrawal of the enforcement document, the appeal of the actions of the bailiff, the inventory of the debtor's property;

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