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Address: 614095 Russia Perm Lenina, 50 Phones: + 7-342-2938938 f. +73422360968
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INN: 5905224327 CAT: 590501001 ОКВЭД: 74.11, 74.12, 74.14 CCTV: 14021690
BANK: ZAO AKIB Pochtobank Perm BIC: 045773705 Cor. score: 30101810400000000705 Ras. score: 40702810500007315700

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Name Unit measuring Price

legal support for business owners

month 15000.00 rub

legal support of company managers

month 15000.00 rub

business management in the Arbitration Court

instance 25000.00 rub

registration ООО и ИП

pieces 5000.00 rub

debt collection

debt 15000.00 rub

-> if only enforcement proceedings

debt 5000.00 rub

express legal advice

oral consultation in our office 1500.00 rub

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