Buffet's Commandments
Advice to Investors
Advice on anything is greatly sought in Buffett's annual meetings, and he has helped hundreds of thousands of investors become better in life and investing simply by learning from him
Views on Inflation
It is not enough for companies to be market leaders; they need to have some advantages that put them far ahead of competition
Evaluate Company Managements
Management plays an important filter because investors do not run businesses, but the original owners continue to run the show
Views on Select Businesses
A lot can be picked up by going through Buffett's views on various companies and industries. We look at investments he talks of and those he would pass on
Businesses to Avoid
Search for large businesses with understandable, enduring and mouth-watering economics that are run by able and shareholder-oriented managements, or else...
Businesses to Invest In
There are good businesses and there are the bad ones that only keep on guzzling cash; begin with understanding what the company does
Markets & Investing
The market is one beast we can never fully comprehend. Shut out all the noise and go after only where you see value
Understand Competitive Advantages
It is not enough for companies to be market leaders; they need to have some advantages that put them far ahead of competition
Intrinsic Value
Intrinsic value gives a measure of how far the price is on either side, and though Buffett has never fully elaborated on how he arrives at the intrinsic value, he has explained how to look at it
Approach to Investing
Buffett's approach to investing is grounded in value. He does not speculate, nor does he view buying stocks as a short-term trade.

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Buy not on optimism, but on arithmetic.
Benjamin Graham
First Page on Value Investing
Can Indian Funds Emulate Buffett?
It's not easy for Indian funds to follow Warren Buffett's strategies, but there's a lot than can be learned from his principles
Adapting Buffett's Approach
An individual could follow Buffett's style, but if a fund manager did, you probably wouldn't invest in his fund...
Anti-value Investing
Value Investing has few followers in India, but that's something that needs to change as our equity markets evolve
In Pursuit of Value
Investment guru Warren Buffett has made his biggest purchase ever, basing it on a simple, yet profound, premise
A Happy (and Prosperous?) Birthday
We celebrate Wealth Insight’s 6th birthday with a look at value investing, which says that all you should do is stay focused on your agenda…
Buffett's Value Investing in Real Estate
This year, Warren Buffett's annual letter discusses two interesting real estate investments he made personally
The Value of Value Investing
Seven years of Wealth Insight has shown that a quality and value-based approach works even through the most turbulent times...
The Value of Warren Buffett
Yet another attempt to explain Buffett’s success analyses his numbers but fails to detect his real value to the investment world
The Paradox of Perennial Pessimism
The current market scenario throws up a large number of stocks available at very attractive prices. And therein lies the an opportunity to be tapped
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